Types of Digital Journalism


Digital Journalism itself, is a contemporary form of communication that uses the hybrid-technology to report the news. Non-traditional journalism methods have changed to include a larger scope of multimedia information sharing. A few examples of these are citizen journalism, native advertising and immersive journalism. To better understand the different means of information sharing, we must understand the overarching context within which it exists. Online Journalism Intends to dramatically change the roles of the writer and reporter, the traditional means of creating and disseminating information is no longer solely in the hands of the broadcast outlets. Thus the changing landscape of the digital media field will lead all parties involved to change their information publication to take on new roles. A clear division exists in the populations and communities using technology in the field of journalism. 

“Today, we’re seeing a return to the older understanding of journalism, towards an acceptance that even independent reporting carries a viewpoint, shaped by the people who produce it. Moreover, contemporary journalists are increasingly coming to see this viewpoint as a strength rather than as a weakness, and using social media to be more transparent to readers about the values they bring to stories”
— Alisa Miller, CEO, Public Radio International (PRI)


Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism turns civilians into journalists via blogs, mobile information sharing and non-traditional communication technologies. The ease of  sharing information quickly and without editing has made citizen journalism  a growing trend. Reporters look to twitter for videos of incidents, Facebook for postings by possible sources, and more. People respond more to media-rich content; learn how citizen journalism has affected media practices. Click below to discover more.


Crowd Funding Journalism

Sites like Kickstarter and Gofund me have had increasing project proposals that relate to journalism, using public funds and support to generate different methods of gathering and sharing information is on the rise. Shared collaboration and quasi-public goods have been paid for through civic journalism. New trends in digital story-telling and investigation have lead to many independent news outlets and resources. Click below to discover more.


Native Advertising

Native advertising turns conventional story-telling on it's head. Instead of unbiased content creation, native advertisers pay for the content to follow the structure of a traditional article. Sites like buzzfeed take advantage of this strategy, usually unbeknownst to the reader. Learn more about the shift towards native advertising; Click below to discover more.


Digital Activism

A disruption of the way that information technology is used to share private, and sometimes secret, files has led to a new social revolution. Digital sharing and content creation has helped shed the light on many practices and policies that have largely gone unreported. Learn more about digital activism and online hacktivism. Click below to discover more.