It's True, You Can Use GIFS in Facebook Comments

The Evolution of the GIF

In most recent months, you may have noticed Facebook threads getting a lot more animated thanks to the use of GIFs in comment threads.  If you don’t know what a GIF is, it is an abbreviation of the term “Graphics Interchange Format,” an animated image that has been popularized on social sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and now, Facebook. This addition was rolled out on the 30th anniversary of the creation of the GIF by inventor Steve Wilhite back in 1987, before the existence of the World Wide Web. Since its inception, GIFs have been used in numerous ways to convey messages, reactions, or emotions and it’s essential that marketers understand how people are using them on social networking sites.

 [GIFS are] commonly used online to convey reactions, illustrate or explain concepts or products in a fun, creative and succinct way, and also to make GIF art.” –Small Biz Trends

How to Use A GIF

The .GIF feature allows Facebook users to add a GIF to their status, utilize it as a comment, or share in messenger. To add a GIF, all you have to do is click on the GIF icon in the comment box, search the emotion, tv show, meme you want to use, and insert it into your comment.

(Credit:  FB Newsroom )

(Credit: FB Newsroom)

Blog post originally written by Elizabeth Guevara for JLL & The Dealey Group.