Copywriting Tips for Social Media

By: Elizabeth Guevara (@elliegguevara)



Copywriting is a skill that every Journalist, Marketer, and PR Professional should master; what’s better than knowing how to write engaging content that persuades, promotes, and markets your product to your target audience? Copywriting for social media however, has to pull a reader in with 140 characters or less. Here are some tips you can follow to copywrite for any social media platform:




  1. Make sure your headline is captivating! Most people are pulled into your post by those first few words and a good photo. (Also, strong action verbs go a long way) Here’s one that caught my eye:


                    Photo Credit

  1. Cliff hangers are awesome for getting people to click on your story, read about your product, etc. “You won’t believe how clean her shirt came out using this!” “OMG look at this new” The more titillating, the better. Here’s an example of the day a NUT helped someone find their new car. A nut.



Photo Credit



Don’t be afraid of using broken sentences. Remember my first tip? Yeah, shorter IS better- just make sure it’s readable. Example: Sun. Sand. Surf. Explore Cancun. [insert link]  One copywriting tip by Kissmetrics says that you should keep your copy below 12 words a sentence.

  1. Capture a wider audience by copywriting on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin- this will also help you avoid marketing to “dead” email addresses. After all, you want to make sure your consumer is actually reading what you’re posting. Provoke their curiosity, ease them into your call-to-action post, and keep them engaged to generate a buzz.


  1. Personality is everything- I mean, look at Denny’s Twitter page:


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