The Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador has ordered a civil trial for    former president of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes. Funes, who served as president from 2009 to 2014 is currently facing charges of Illicit Enrichment and could be facing charges on Money Laundering among other possible charges, according to an unnamed source who spoke to Diario Latino.

The Supreme Court ordered a freeze on Funes' accounts after he failed to verify the source of $700,000 funneled into his personal bank account.  Funes claims he is innocent and states that the allegations are being made by political rivals. although he was given three days to verify the funds but chose not to.

On Twitter and Facebook, Funes expressed that the court did not investigate the veracity of the documents, stating that his lawyer handed over proper documentation highlighting the legal channels where the money came from, not 24 hours after being called on by the court.

Millions spent shopping abroad

According to documents analyzed by the Court, Funes spent a jaw dropping $54 million in luxury stores between 2011-2013. The document revealed that in 2011, Funes spent $4 million at a Tourneau store in Florida, $4 million at the Apple store,  and another $7 million at Salvatore Ferragamo. The documents also note that there are millions of dollars that have not been accounted for- meaning that no one is sure as to where the money was spent.

This is the third president in a row that has been accused of corruption in El Salvador. Funes had previously accused former president of El Salvador,  Francisco Flores of embezzlement. Insight Crime states that the Supreme Court is aware that they need to "demonstrate their willingness and ability to handle matters without outside interference."


Corruption in the 'Presidential House'

Francisco Flores Perez

  • President from: 1999-2004
  • Political Party: Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA)
  • Accused of redirecting $15 Million in contributions meant for Earthquake victimsto his own personal account.

Antonio Saca

  • President from: 2004-2009
  • Political Party: Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA)
  • Accused of corruption and mishandling over $200 Million

Carlos Mauricio Funes

  • President from: 2009-2014
  • Political Party: Farabundo Mart√≠ National Liberation Front (FMLN)
  • Accused of money laundering, and illicit enrichment

If found guilty of the charges he faces, Funes will have to return the unverified funds, but will not receive prison time.

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