Wonder Woman, the first Bisexual heroine to grace the screen, gets a male love interest

By: Elizabeth Guevara (@elliegguevara)

In a recent interview with the star of the highly anticipated Wonder Woman film, Gal Gadot addresses how the film will go about portraying her love interest. It seems like Hollywood will be giving Gal Gadot a male love interest, much to my dismay.

If you're not aware or have not read the Wonder Woman comics, Wonder Woman is openly bisexual. As a bisexual woman myself, I can totally relate to films showing boy/girl relationships because I’m still attracted to men. However, I never see relationships depicting bisexual women and other women in mass media. Now, you’re giving me an incredibly sexy super heroine to look up to, and you’re telling me that her love interest is going to be male? Yes, a bisexual woman dating a heterosexual or bisexual man is still bisexual, but we can already relate to the thousands of films depicting boy/girl relationships as previously mentioned. I wanted to see Gal Gadot with a woman, am I wrong for that? Why is it that there’s little to no representation of bisexuals in mass media- we exist in the fringes.

While I understand that Wonder Woman is going to be groundbreaking for many reasons. First the film centers around a female lead which is often unheard of considering how many superhero films have come out in the past two decades that center around male characters. In these films, women play supporting roles such as love interests for the superheroes. Think back to Emma Stone's role in Spiderman or Kirsten Dunst for that matter. One could argue that Scarlet Johansson played a super heroine in the fantastic four but again she was just one female hero in a male dominated film.

Back to Bisexuality. I really hope that they mention her sexuality in the film; yes, a bisexual woman dating a man is still bisexual, however, is it so bad to want to see a bisexual woman with another woman in a film? Women and women relationships seems to only exist in the LGBT section of Netflix. I can’t watch a funny rom com without it being between a man and a woman. As a bisexual woman myself, I want rom coms and action movies that showcase the love between a bisexual woman and bi/lesbian woman.


elizabeth guevara