Adweek's Ad of the Day: The Teen

In less than 60 seconds, this advertisement says more about trans acceptance without using any dialogue than any other ad to come out of 2016.

The ad comes from Elkjøp an electronics chain represented by famed ad agency DDB Stockholm and tells the tale of acceptance between a father and his daughter, who is in the process of transitioning. The gift he gives her is a miniature curling iron- a simple gift that shows a father's acceptance of their teen. It's safe to say that the company pushed the envelope and humanized a very personal, oftentimes nerve-wrecking experience for every LGBTQIA individual - especial trans men and women.


 "It can be difficult to tell someone what you really think and feel. This year, one can say a lot with a gift from Elkjøp. Add a little extra thought into this year's gift, and maybe you'll finally say something you've thought about for a long time but never said. Merry Christmas!" [source]

It's unfortunate that we rarely (if ever) see trans visibility in film and tv - much less in the world of advertising. Kudos to DDB Stockholm for creating this magnificent commercial for their client. 

elizabeth guevara