More Latinxs are are working on Coco: Pixar's Day of the Dead film

We've all been following the development of this new film by Pixar, who is trying to bring the story of El Dia de Los Muertos to the general public. I for one, was hesitant that the film would not be able to capture the holiday the way that it deserves. However, when Pixar announced that famous Chicano Illustrator Lalo Alcaraz, my faith in the film was restored. Recently Pixar has added famed Mexican actor, Gael Garcia Bernal to the mix as well. We all know Pixar hasn't been very diversity friendly over the years, maybe this film (if done well) will open the door for more POC cartoons. [source]

In November 2014, Reel FX came out with The Book of Life, another Day of the Dead film starring famous Mexican actor Diego Luna (Gael Garcia's bff), the now well known Kate Del Castillo (she's famous in Latin America and became the subject of controversy when she teamed up with Sean Penn to interview El Chapo), famed director of Pan's Labyrinth Guillermo Del Toro, and even featured music by beloved Mexican band, Cafe Tacvba.  [source]


It goes to say that we are expecting A LOT from this film, considering how Book of Life already covered the holiday and did a fairly good job doing so.  

For those who are unaware, Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated throughout Latin America that serves to honor and remember those who have passed on. 


Here's a quick description of the upcoming film, Coco. 

Miguel is the scion of an provincial family who refrains from participating in any musical activity, apparently on account of a long-dead patriarch who abandoned his wife to pursue fame as a musician. Miguel, however, is a sweet young boy with a restless musical soul and when he breaks into the mausoleum of a local musical hero to take his guitar, he is swept away to the spirit world where his ancestors lead him on a journey of personal discovery. [source]


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