Lesbian couples, where are they?

You know what really confuses me? Why television shows continue to kill off any good Lesbian couple that's aired on TV, it's infuriating to invest so much time watching a show, getting emotionally invested in the characters, get excited for the visibility and ability to related to said characters, only to have them die early on in the series. This year alone, "25 Lesbian and Bisexual female identifying characters have died in scripted broadcast and cable television and streaming series since the beginning of 2016." [source]  If you consider the fact that queer women in GENERAL get little visibility 25 deaths is absolutely ridiculous. 

Even though GLAAD's annual "Where We Are On TV" report found that queer representation in the media is at an all time high, the problem is that visibility is only afforded to queer males- not females. GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis had this to say: [source]

"When there are so few lesbian and bisexual women on television, the decision to kill these characters in droves sends a toxic message about the worth of queer female stories,"

GLAAD's report not only found that there was a lack of diversity among the queer characters broadcast in the media, but that Lesbian representation went down. 

  • Lesbian representation dropped dramatically on broadcast television, down 16 percentage points to 17% of all LGBTQ characters. Lesbian representation is also down on cable, to 20% from 22% reported last year.  [source]

Here's a good article by the Washington Post that highlights fan's frustration of Lesbian Characters being lazily killed off by writers of the show: TV Keeps Killing Off Lesbian Characters. The Fans of One Show Have Revolted. [source]


elizabeth guevara