Here's why TV shows, Films, and Celebs need to STOP Queerbaiting

First of all, let's define the term, for those who are unfamiliar with it. 

Queerbaiting: When writers (of a television show or film) add tension between same-sex characters in an effort to attract more liberal or queer viewers, even though they may have no intention of following through or developing that relationship. (source) The term can also be applied to celebrities *Cough* Nick Jonas *cough* that play around with their fans by vaguely insinuating they may be interested in someone of the same sex/gender. (source)

Why is this an issue? 

It's tiresome watching television shows with no queer characters; so to have writers of popular tv shows dance around the idea that one of the characters may or may not be attracted to someone of the same gender, it's annoying. All this does is lead the fan base on all for monetary gain. By trying to attract queer viewers, the only thing they show is doing is faking visibility, leading viewers on, and contributing to the lack of queer characters by explicitly toying with the idea, not following through with it. 


Shows like Supernatural and The 100 have come under fire for toying with their character's sexuality, baiting the fans into thinking there might be chemistry there. In The 100, the writers lead their fanbase on and when the one of the characters confessed her love for the other, she was immediately killed off the show. That's another issue that needs to be addressed: STOP KILLING LESBIANS ON TELEVISION. 


Not only are we seeing queer baiting happening with celebs and on tv/film, it's leaking into advertising as well. Take a look at this Taco Bell commercial promoting their AM steak and egg crunch wrap all while queer baiting by showcasing two friends getting a little too close: 

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